Friday, August 27, 2010


Common Pregnancy Symptoms in Week 8

Some have been asking if/what symptoms I've been feeling, so here goes...

•Breast Changes: tenderness, fullness, darkening of the areola
Check, check, and check!!! Sex during pregnancy is safe I know that, but what ever you do Don't touch the Bobbies!!!" OUCH!

•Frequent Urination
Check, about every 30 mins I would say!!!

Oh baby, it takes ALOT of energy to make a baby!!!

•Morning Sickness
Yuck, Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night... Only a few weeks to go. (I hope)


•Heartburn or Indigestion
Don't eat spicy foods, and keep the antacid close!

So far so good!!!

PHEW! Need I say more?!?!

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