Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Vacation! the first three days

Some of you might already know that we were on Vacation last week in Niagara Falls. (photo's to follow) Now that we're back I can write all about it... I did bring my lap top with me on this holiday but when camping you don't always have the means and the time (day light) to write...

Day one: After bringing Comet to the kennel, we stuffed the car, and took off. 2 and a half hours later, I finally had my little bugger back in my arms (5 weeks is way too long) and off to Rockport for a cruise that lead us to Boldt Castle. What a stunning place. The English gardens a well kept, the grass is fresh cut, and the inside that has been restored is BREATHTAKING!!! We even made a few wishes and threw some quarters in the pool. The 2 hours cruise that brought us there led us by the smallest international bridge, some awesome Victorian homes built on remote islands, we even saw some gals/guys cliff jumping (BTW that is so going on my bucket list) 30 mins after docking we arrived in Kingston at our camping site. We had quite and friendly neighbors from Gulph who were there to visit their 16 yr old son who was on leave from the Military Collage.

Day two: Up and Adam and off we go to Fort Henry. My grandparents took me to Fort Henry when I was a little girl, and I'm still awwed at the way it's run there. It's animated with students who dress up and act like they were living in the 1800's. Although Fort Henry has never seen Battle, it's still very interesting to see how times have changed... Can you imagine going to the bathroom in here....

After our trip to Fort Henry, we went to the pool at camping site, and relaxed waterfront!

Day 3: Off to Niagara we go(after stuffing the car again of course). Traffic was on our side and we made good time. We arrived at our new camping site and set up by 4:00PM. Off to dinner we went. "Can you believe the prices in tourist area's... 5 pers at Pizza Hut over 130$" After an overly expensive dinner we went to the main square for a ride on the Skywheel. This was Monday, a holiday in Ontario, so the fire works were all out! Check out the view..

We bought a package rate for the Skywheel that gave us access to the Movie Land Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe it or Not, mini putt, arcade tokens, and two other little rides that were fun, but I can't remember the names (ghost something, and FX ride of something) I bet the kids can tell me!

Phew! I'm tired already!

More to follow....

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