Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Montreal

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Welcome to My Montreal! (Please note that the views and opinions are mine only and do not reflect the thoughts of other Montrealers. Also some photo’s courtesy of google image)

I’m a country girl, always have been! I get claustrophobic in the city, road rage in traffic, and I really don’t like being shoved around! That being said, I still venture out to the city now and then to marvel at the sights. Welcome to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, City of 4 seasons, breathtaking views, and the best festivals in the world.

I’ll start our trip in my home town, 30 miles or so east from the big city. In St-Lazare you’ll find everything you need within a 5 min drive. Want fresh produce in the summer, you have to take a trip the local farms. There you will find vine fresh tomato’s that are still warm from the sun, juicy cucumbers that are the greenest you’ve ever seen, and the sweetest corn on the Plant!
Ever seen a sunflower field? Yup you’ll find those too, large, bright yellow sunflowers basking in the sun as far as the eye can see! Local farmers not only plant these sunflowers to cultivate the seeds, but also to keep birds away from the many fields of soy, wheat, corn, etc. Let’s not forget that bee’s also love sunflowers, and where there are bees there is pollination and need I say it… Honey!!!
Do you like adventure, history, architecture? Take a 15 min drive to Mont Rigaud. There you can scale the mountain side, surf the tree tops, go on a 2 ½ hour rafting ride, see the historical Notre Dame de Lourde Sanctuary. (My grandmother once told me that all the rocks there used to be potatoes, funny how I remember that)

Now off to the city we go(less than an hour away)… Don’t forget your camera, you’ll want to have it handy in case you see a super star (just last week, Brad Pitt was spotted downtown) Montreal has been witness to many star sightings, sometimes alone and sometimes in very large groups like during the Formula One race in June/July! (I’ve never been that lucky)
Some of the movies shot in and around Montreal are The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1974), The Jackal (1997), The Whole Nine Yards (2000), The Score (2001), Taking Lives (2004), Blades of Glory (2006), and let’s not forget (or my kids will have my head)
Spiderwick Chronicles was partially shot in at Cap St Jacques. I actually took the kids to see the house that was built for the outdoor shots of the movie. The list goes on and on, but I’ll let you Google it for yourselves.

Home of the 1976 Summer Olympics, you must stop to see the “Big Owe” and Olympic village. Do you remember gymnast Nadia Comaneci’s perfect score?

Next were off to the Old Port… HUMM, what would you like to do today? Boating, Quadricycle, catch the IMAX show, visit the gardens. How about lunch at one of the many Terraces, then a horse drawn carriage ride followed but an Amphi-Bus tour. Walk the cobblestone street and learn about the Montreal heritage, stop by a museum. Live shows and street performers are on every corner get a cartoon image of you as a souvenir. For those who like a little action, a jet tour of the St Lawrence Seaway rapids hit the spot!

Home of many festivals, including “Just for Laughs” there is always something to do in the city.

For those who enjoy winter sports the city also has outdoor skating, ice fishing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, can’t forgot hockey, but for a real thrill, head up north to one of the many ski slops within driving distance. St-Sauveur highlights 38 trails, and has really fun tube sliding. (Ask my kids) Home to the Saint-Sauveur de Lille Church. (Celine Dion was married there) St Sauveur’s picturesque village will leave you feeling like staying! Next on our stop is Mont Tremblant. (A.k.a. Little Switzerland) With 95 runs overseeing the village you’ll have plenty to keep you warm and cozy. In the mood for a snack, you MUST have a “Beaver tail”. Served warm with your choice of many toppings, these whole wheat pastries are in my opinion the perfect food to keep warm. That and you must have a Poutine (French fries drenched in gravy with cheese curds)

I have been asked what my favorite time of year is and I have to say I have two. Spring for its fresh scent and budding trees, chipping birds and of course the return of long summer hours approaching. But really I have to say Fall. For one it’s my favorite time to go here, Spa Ofuro is an outdoor Thermotherapy Spa, and in the fall its amazing colors are breathtaking. What better way to watch the colored leaves fall, and animals get ready for winter than soaking in an outdoor hot tub, or resting in front of a wood burning fire… Can Life get any better???
Of course I can’t leave out Hockey! If you’re lucky enough to score tickets, go see the Habs.

Montreal is crazy about its Hockey team, you’ll see a plethora of cars ridding around with many Habs flags hanging from windows.
So come to Montreal, but be warned you’ll be busy!!!!

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  1. I think I'm more of a country girl too.... which is too bad because now I'm in a pretty big city *L*

  2. I'm not exactly a country girl, but I live in a city and, let me tell you, it's getting old.

    Thanks for the great tour! There are so many wonderful places to visit in Canada -- I'm just waiting for the time and resources to visit them!

  3. I have always wanted to visit Montreal. I love the architecture and the culture. Is everything in French? One of these years I'm dragging the hub up for a visit there!

    Thanks for the fantastic tour and for being a part of BlogTrotting. We are honored that you would be a part of the fun!!

  4. Your Montreal and your blog are both quite beautiful. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us! I hope some day to visit there!

  5. My husband's family lived in Montreal several generations ago. We have had such fun when we've visited! What a beautiful, historic city!